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World Press Photo

One of the absolute best things about living in the Netherlands is being is such close proximity to the World Press Photo exhibition, the single most prestigious photography contest in the world. Not only is the exhibit humbling, inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful every year, it also is held in either the Oude Kerk in Nieuwmarkt or the Nieuwe Kerk in Dam Square, both of which are adequately majestic for a show of this gravity and bring ones attention to Amsterdam’s abundant architectural marvels.

There really is no shortage of gorgeous photography in this town, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to take it all in. Reflex Gallery, Huis Marseille, Fontana and of course the one and only FOAM, just to name a few. Keep it up, Amsterdam. Keep it up.

Concertgebouw Lunch Concerts and other Musical Magic

I love going to the Concertgebouw. Not only is it a spectacularly gorgeous building in the best part of Amsterdam, but I really cannot imagine the holiday season without hearing song. I had no idea that the company holds complimentary Wednesday lunchtime sessions, and was so happy that I found this out, since today was the last one of the year!

My buddy Dave and I ventured out on our lunch-hour and were duly impressed. Now it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Oh, and on the topic of awesome free music in the city, check out Badcuyp’s Jam Sessions on Sunday Nights. It’s better than olieballen, I swear. And you know what that amounts to, coming from me.

So now off I go to squeeze my long-unsqueezed friends in Toronto, and sit in my favourite Toronto haunts (Orbit Room, I love you)! See you guys soon!

Baby Got Back

I dunno man, people keep complaining that you can’t find decent food here, and yet this might just be the most delicious BBQ experience that I have even been a part of. And I have eaten my share of meats! It’s times like these that you need elasto-jeans. Thank you, boys of Cafe de Klos. You’ll see us again soon.


Mad College Blast

It’s been a busy few weeks, and I’ve barely had a chance to sit down, let alone update everyone on the events of the recent past. My employer in Amsterdam held their annual Christmas Party last night at the Amsterdam College Hotel. The Mad Men theme allowed us all to bust out the pearls, suspenders, curlers and mink and channel the energy and style of our grandparents. Everyone looked absolutely fabulous, and danced into the wee hours of the morning. It was a great way to truly get a feel for the holiday season and connect with our coworkers in a laid back setting.

Afterwards, a few of us headed over to a little Blues bar called Maloe Melo, since we couldn’t get our dancing feet to stop jigging. It was fun, and along with the pizzazz of the College Hotel led to the general consensus that the evening was awesome.

This will be the first year that I will spend Christmas away from my family. I did consider flying back to Toronto for the few days that I have off, but it would be madness and costly, and I’m trying to tell myself that, just as BlackBerry commercials have taught me, distance has nothing to do with closeness – I can spend Christmas here and my family can still understand how much I love them. And just when I started to feel sorry for myself and renege on the conviction of my decision, I got an email from Jacqui and Jeff (who now live in England, where Jax is a Post Doc) that they would like to come to Amsterdam and would I like Christmas visitors. Something about coincidences like that freaks me out, and I got a little teary eyed that I will, in fact, be spending the holidays with people that I love and feel at home with. Albert-Heijn-grocery-bag tobogganing at Museumplein, holler.

Now come a few precious weeks to familiarize myself with supermarkets in Amsterdam. No one wants boring ol’ cuisine for Christmas, do they?