Concertgebouw Lunch Concerts and other Musical Magic

I love going to the Concertgebouw. Not only is it a spectacularly gorgeous building in the best part of Amsterdam, but I really cannot imagine the holiday season without hearing song. I had no idea that the company holds complimentary Wednesday lunchtime sessions, and was so happy that I found this out, since today was the last one of the year!

My buddy Dave and I ventured out on our lunch-hour and were duly impressed. Now it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Oh, and on the topic of awesome free music in the city, check out Badcuyp’s Jam Sessions on Sunday Nights. It’s better than olieballen, I swear. And you know what that amounts to, coming from me.

So now off I go to squeeze my long-unsqueezed friends in Toronto, and sit in my favourite Toronto haunts (Orbit Room, I love you)! See you guys soon!

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