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New Years Escape

I’ve always been a big fan of escape games, and when the first live-action escape rooms started popping up in Amsterdam, I was beside myself. The opportunity to immerse myself in the creepy and crafty world of these puzzle games was impossible to turn down. I’m delighted, then, that Toronto seems to have a whole bucketload of these downtown. Some more legit than others, and several that appear to be full fledged theatrical productions.  The one at Casa Loma, for example, looks amazing.

Now I must dash off, for I have been informed by those who love me well that there is a miniseries remake of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” with Charles Day and Noah Taylor, and knowing this does not allow me to sit here any longer. Love to you all in this new year – may it bring you as much intrigue and mystery as it already has brought me!


Saw Paul Gross, Martha Burns and the entire fantastic cast of Canadian Stage’s new play Domesticated last night. Was floored by Tori Higginson, whose command of the stage and confidence in voice and physicality were just outstanding.

Next up at CanStage – Hedda Gabler. I have the screenplay sitting by me, and have loved this play for ever. I’m so excited to see what they’ll do with it!

Toronto Traditions

It’s been a beautiful time in Toronto, with the unseasonably warm temperatures and the gorgeous, sparkly sun. I’ve been enjoying indulging in old traditions – Saturday morning hoagies at St. Lawrence Market, green apple, rapini and squash hunting at Kensington, watching plays at Factory and Berkeley, and remembering fun times in Germany whilst perusing the offerings at the Distillery Districts’ Christmas Market.

CanStage’s beloved volunteer coordinator, Julie Cloutier, is moving over to the City of Toronto (huge score for municipal government) and I’m excited to see someone with her passion and dedication power-housing behind upcoming cultural events. It’s going to be a great winter!

World Press Photo

One of the absolute best things about living in the Netherlands is being is such close proximity to the World Press Photo exhibition, the single most prestigious photography contest in the world. Not only is the exhibit humbling, inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful every year, it also is held in either the Oude Kerk in Nieuwmarkt or the Nieuwe Kerk in Dam Square, both of which are adequately majestic for a show of this gravity and bring ones attention to Amsterdam’s abundant architectural marvels.

There really is no shortage of gorgeous photography in this town, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to take it all in. Reflex Gallery, Huis Marseille, Fontana and of course the one and only FOAM, just to name a few. Keep it up, Amsterdam. Keep it up.

Baby Got Back

I dunno man, people keep complaining that you can’t find decent food here, and yet this might just be the most delicious BBQ experience that I have even been a part of. And I have eaten my share of meats! It’s times like these that you need elasto-jeans. Thank you, boys of Cafe de Klos. You’ll see us again soon.


Thursday Night will always be Friends Night

♫♪♫ So no one told you life was gonna be this way ♫♪♫
♫♪♫ Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA ♫♪♫
♫♪♫ It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear ♫♪♫
♫♪♫ When it hasn’t been yer day yer week yer month or even yer year ♫♪♫
♫♪♫ I’ll be theeeeeeere for youuuuuuuuu ♫♪♫

Tae Kwon D’Art

I should have played the lottery today. There were 25 or so artists vying for 8 very coveted spots in Art Battle 5, a live showdown and auction held at the Great Hall with music and refreshments to boot. With seven of the eight names already called, I eased into my chair and relaxed, knowing that tonight wasn’t my time to meet an audience.

“And the eighth and final artist of the night is Sandy!”

You should have seen the colour of my face. And my drawing. Not my best work, and that’s putting it mildly, but MAN was it ever a blast. Awesome organization – Lavinia and Co. are rock stars – and what a turnout. I didn’t know what to expect, having never been, and thought it would be me, maybe 5 others, some brushes and bright lights. I was wrong. Fantastic event. So much fun.

Spring has Sprung

Some things never change.