Tae Kwon D’Art

I should have played the lottery today. There were 25 or so artists vying for 8 very coveted spots in Art Battle 5, a live showdown and auction held at the Great Hall with music and refreshments to boot. With seven of the eight names already called, I eased into my chair and relaxed, knowing that tonight wasn’t my time to meet an audience.

“And the eighth and final artist of the night is Sandy!”

You should have seen the colour of my face. And my drawing. Not my best work, and that’s putting it mildly, but MAN was it ever a blast. Awesome organization – Lavinia and Co. are rock stars – and what a turnout. I didn’t know what to expect, having never been, and thought it would be me, maybe 5 others, some brushes and bright lights. I was wrong. Fantastic event. So much fun.

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