(20)11 Resolutions

  1. The Amsterdam Public Library is wonderful. Really. Super cool. Will go there more.
  2. I will learn how to speak Dutch (ok, I will learn the alphabet and how to count to 50, let’s start with that).
  3. I will finally get within 2 feet of the Bald Coot and stare at its shelled little feet. Oh yes, I will.
  4. Will eat fewer oliebollen. Bazinga.
  5. I will stop cutting my own hair. Apparently, just cuz it was cute when my mom did it when I was 6 does not make it ok when I’m 30. Or something.
  6. I will visit Angkor Wat. Watch me.
  7. If a movie is really really bad, I will not finish watching it. I will walk away, turn off the tv (or leave the theater). I will not sit there and calculate how much money I am wasting by not seeing the denouement, but rather how many brain cells I am saving by not.
  8. I will not buy things at Sabon that fill bathtubs since now I have no access to a bathtub. Because that would be silly. And I am not silly. Except on my birthday, because Jacqui bought me a gift certificate, BUT ONLY THEN.
  9. I will eat more cheese. Because I can. And because it’s ridiculous here.
  10. I will finally read Manufacturing Consent.
  11. I will allow others to win at Scrabble because “it’s supposed to be fun for everyone”.


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